VIP Clients

Pro-rebate users who deposited $5 000 or more get a VIP status. It is displayed in the Private Area and gives you an opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of VIP services including all the privileges of participating in special programs and services..
 VIP-customers are provided with:

- Up to 90% of Rebate
- VPS (Virtual Private Server) as well as assistance in setting it up.
-  VPS is FREE of charge
 - A personal manager to help you (a personal manager is the one providing individual assistance to VIP clients)

 - Access to 10 accounts for auto-copying per month.

To become a VIP-client, apply to the Client Support Service and e-mail to:
If all the requirements are met, a VIP status is issued on the first day of the next month. Bonus funds on the accounts do not count when calculating the minimum required capital. You’ll be instantly notified by e-mail upon receiving the promised VIP status.