How does it work?


PRO-rebate is a cash back system, offering rebate per trade in the Forex market.  When utilizing day trading strategies, including scalping, the trader's earnings may increase or decrease.   Our service enables traders to close orders inside the spread with a profit, no matter if the trader is right or wrong. Making money even with a losing trade by giving a rebate back per every trade.

Our advantages

  Pay back up to 80% of  the spread, per trade round trip       Legal assistance
  Insurance against brokers’ bankruptcy       Settlement of disputable questions

Forex news
[12/26/2017 9:21 PM]
Довольно активно современные рыночные игроки включаются в процесс освоения принципов применения криптовалют. Как известно, до определенного момента многие финансовые эксперты не воспринимали всерьез виртуальные денежные единицы, сейчас таких скептиков осталось немного.
[12/18/2017 12:13 PM]
Christmas Fairy Tale from Fort Financial Services Dear traders and partners! FortFS congratulates on the upcoming Christmas holidays and announces the start of CHRISTMAS FAIRY TALE- ANNUAL special offer. Read more >>
[12/07/2017 2:24 PM]
$50 Welcome Bonus from Fort Financial Services $50 Welcome Bonus
Dear Traders!
We are pleased to announce the start of the new promo-action “Welcome Bonus 50 USD”.
As from 05.12.2017 to 14.12.2017 inclusively all clients are eligible for a 50 USD no deposit welcome bonus or the equivalent in another currency. Read more >>
[11/30/2017 6:33 PM]
ECN счет представляет собой современную систему торговли на Форекс, предусматривающую вывод на межбанковский рынок всех сделок трейдера или перекрытие их другими трейдерами из системы. Самостоятельно ECN брокер не занимается перекрытием сделок клиентов, получая прибыль только за счет комиссии.
[10/26/2017 4:27 PM]
New promotion «888 Bonus» from Fort Financial Services Dear traders and partners, We are glad to invite you to participate in our new promotion «888 Bonus». As from 26 October until 29 November 2017 all accounts with a balance of at least 150 USD (or the equivalent in another currency) will be credited with an extra amount in form of a percentage for every profitable trade closed. Read more >>
[07/25/2017 10:57 AM]
Unique promotion WANGA BONUS from Fort Financial Services! Dear Traders! For the 7-th anniversary, FortFS offers its clients a unique promotion - WANGA BONUS! Read more >>