Fort Financial Services together with PRO-rebate announced the launch of “Double Bonuses”

[05/08/2017 4:30 PM]
Fort Financial Services together with PRO-rebate announced the launch of “Double Bonuses”
Fort Financial Services, recognized as the best Forex broker for traders-beginners in 2016, continues to please its customers with surprises.
Recently, the broker together with the leading rebate service PRO-rebate announced the launch of the unique offers “WELCOME BONUS $50” and "DOUBLE BONUS".
The new program not only includes the best bonus offers, but also significantly improved solutions which contribute to more effective trading.

Features of the new bonus program

The offer, put together with the PRO-rebate service, doubles the capabilities of these programs, allowing traders to work twice as efficiently on Forex, having tremendous financial support.
As part of the Welcome Bonus, traders receive funds from the company in the amount of $50. And after they fund the trading account for $100, Fort Financial Services is guaranteed to charge them 7% of the amount of replenishment. Do not forget about the incurable accruals under the Support margin bonus program. As a result, all best bonus offers of one of the leaders of the Forex industry, integrated into one offer, plus additional benefits from the PRO-rebate service, provide traders with enormous trading support, one might say, unprecedented conditions for a stable, reliable, profitable trading.
For example, anyone can start cooperation with Fort Financial Services without investing their own funds. This is the unique “WELCOME BONUS $50”, which instead of the previous $5 and $15 is increased to $50! But such a generous offer is valid only from 08/05/2017 to 19/05/2017.
In other words, in the specified period you can trade at the expense of the broker's funds. To participate in the program, you should register on the official website of the company and open a trading account through the rebate service Pro-rebate. In the personal account of the trader you must undergo the verification procedure and send your trading account number to an e-mail After that, you will receive a promotional code, where you can receive “Welcome Bonus” in the amount of $50. And start trading with company’s money!
The second part of the offer is that if in the period from May 22, 2017 to June 23, 2017 you fund a trading account in the amount of $100 - the company charges you an additional 7% of the deposit amount. For example, replenishing the account balance from $100 + Support Margin Bonus, you would receive an additional percentage of negative transactions.
Btw, Support Margin Bonus is a special bonus program, according to which the accrued bonus to the trader remains on his account even in the case of market drawdowns, including when the amount of bonus funds is higher than the amount of own funds.
This means that you have a unique opportunity to continue trading regardless of your current results, and considering a “WELCOME BONUS $50” - initially getting a head start for capital increase with the company's funds. More details about the terms of the programs “WELCOME BONUS $50” and "DOUBLE BONUS" you can find here.
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