Earn money trading Forex by automatically copying successful traders’ performance.

We have selected and found the most profitable  Forex traders around the world, representing different Forex  methods and styles.  
If you want to capitalize on financial markets but either lack skills and experience, or simply want to see what other traders are capable of, then you are in the right place.  Simply put, we track and connect the most profitable traders to you.

You can choose to stay with a successful trader or switch traders with a click of a button.  You may also open few accounts and connect several traders.  You are the boss and you are in charge of how your money is being traded.
Getting started is easy:
1. Sign up for
2. Choose broker from the menu
3. On the broker's page, click on the Register link and get ready to take profit
4. Open real account and deposit funds
5. Go to the AUTO TRADING page and choose any account from the chart
6. Email us to or reach us at  with your username and AUTO TRADING account number
7. Follow the emailed instruction on how to connect your live account to AUTO TRADING 
For our investors' convenience, we have compiled a table of top traders:
Nr. Account Monthly
Deposit Statistic Connect
vip-accounts with an aggressive type of trade
vip-accounts with the conservative type of trade
Auto-trading is a conceptually new investment method.
The investor gets 100% of the income plus 80% of the  spread cashback through the rebate service affiliate program;
The minimum investment is 100 USD (for cent accounts) or 500 USD for micro real accounts;
Сopy trades within a broker company listed in the table (e.g., if it's NordFX, you can open an account with NordFX and get an adviser there; if it's FIBO Group, you get one with FIBO Group, and so on). Clients with trading deposits from $1,000 may open a second account with another broker listed in the chart (and get a second, third, etc., adviser free of charge);
For those who invest from $40K we offer the opportunity to meet the management of their broker ;
Participating in community discussions of brokers and traders at the professional FOREX traders' bulletin board.
Nr. Account Monthly
Deposit Broker Statistic Connect
1 arhistrateg17 0.39 % 40.35 % 336.00 FIBO Group myfxbook Connect
2 max5891 0.29 % 172.93 % 7 379.23 NordFX myfxbook Connect
3 453452 0.00 % 188.16 % 1 000.00 FortFS myfxbook Connect
4 sergsinizin 0.00 % 129.23 % 4 564.90 FortFS myfxbook Connect
5 E249950 0.00 % 129.23 % 3 127.68 FortFS myfxbook Connect
6 ARZ55872 0.00 % 46.72 % 513.51 FIBO Group myfxbook Connect
7 grospiter 0.00 % 41.55 % 2 356.93 NordFX myfxbook Connect
8 Abiss Wel 0.00 % 25.95 % 2 950.63 NordFX myfxbook Connect
9 E245897 0.00 % 23.40 % 2 520.58 FortFS myfxbook Connect
10 Z1874898 0.00 % 12.16 % 5 050.42 FXTM myfxbook Connect
11 Z1627827 0.00 % -9.27 % Private FIBOGroup myfxbook Connect