PRO-rebate service offers you a unique opportunity to earn extra income by attracting new clients. With the affiliate program, you can increase your actual income without investing a penny. Simply post your referral link online, whether it’s a website, a blog or another advertising place, and you can start earning even more money on top of what you already earn. To participate in this multi-level program, you need to get your affiliate link from your personal profile. The profit brought by your level 1 clients will be equal to 10% from their rebate.
The profit arising from clients you attract will grow in an arithmetic progression.

    For example: your referral trades 30 lots and gets a $120 rebate. You get $12 out of the $120 as a PRO-rebate affiliate commission.

Earn with PRO-rebate and bring your friends and colleagues. Our service will provide you with the extra passive income you could only dream of!
The benefits listed below:
  • Decent commission - 10% of the income made by each attracted client
  • 5% of the income made by the client in the second line (level 2)
  • You can earn immediately after registering and receiving referral link
  • Easy to work via a partner area
  • Detailed transaction reports
  • Our service will provide you with a convenient payment system of earned commissions
  • We provide online technical support
  • Your referral link will accumulate client base and work for you
It is very easy to make a decision and start earning with us. Log in to the PRO-rebate service. Copy and paste your affiliate link into your website. PRO-rebate will let you access detailed referral statistics.

All commission payments will be made automatically.
Make the right decision and start earning money right off the bat!
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