About Us

PRO-rebate is a CASHBACK system, generating cashbacks for each and every trade you make.
You can:
– choose one of our trusted FOREX brokers.
– open a live account with the broker via our link.
– get from $8 to $9 dollars per trade (80% cashback of your trades thanks to our partnership with FOREX brokers).
We aim to create a favorable environment for FX traders and investors. We want to give you a chance to increase your income. We also protect your funds from online fraud.
Anyone can benefit from the advantages that PRO-rebate offers. We have built a solid and comprehensive system of cashbacks and other related programs. We provide you with opportunities for earning extra income. Introducing new clients to the market is also a great way to make money with PRO-rebate.
PRO-rebate provides:
– An 80% refund of the spreads and commissions paid during trading transactions.
– Insurance against brokers’ bankruptcy.
– Legal assistance and consultations in case of a failure to return your funds.
– Free training webinars on FX trading.
– Information and updates on innovative FX technologies.
– News and analytics related to the current state of the FX market, including live information and broker news.
In addition, the company arranges trading contests and lotteries with considerable prizes.
Step №1 - choose a Forex broker.
Step №2 - Follow the broker’s link (banner) and open a live account.
Step №3 - Check you User Account to make sure that you have opened you trading account with the broker through the PRO-rebate affiliate link.