VIP Traders

Extra Income for Professional Traders

Auto Trading is a great opportunity for our clients to earn more income with the help of successful traders. Our company has developed a system, where any trader can participate and become successful. With this system, beginning traders can successfully invest and generate profits without any risk. Our website offers you a chart displaying VIP traders. You can choose any trader you like. All trades are live and visible for everyone. Therefore, depending on the trader’s profitability and trading style, you can easily choose one.   
If you are a successful trader, we will can add your account to the Auto- trading chart upon request, and Pro-rebate will pay you an 80% rebate. On top of that, an extra 50% as a rebate will come from all accounts copying your transactions. When traders enable their accounts for auto-trading, they automatically become VIP traders after opening an account with one of the Pro-rebate brokers. The more transactions, the greater the profits. The VIP traders with the highest income results will be added to the TOP10 of our charts to enjoy even bigger attention from the community. In this case, if you are a top-ranking trader, your trades will be copied by a bigger amount of investors, resulting in more commissions for you.

If you want to become a VIP trader, you need to apply for the status through the Client Support Service: