Agreement between the PRO-rebate (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") and the user opened online account on the site (hereinafter referred to as the "Client").
Subject of the Agreement

1. With registration on the site and adding account data at any brokerage company the client authorizes PRO-rebate to be his partner and avows to be affiliate, ie, client of dealing center.

2. Under this agreement the Company shall pay the Client 80% of the funds as partner remuneration.

3. Company makes payments once in a month and may delay them or cancel only in the case of force majeure, which are:
- if there is a dealing cancellation with client made my brokerage company  in conjunction with trade or others violation, any other rules established by the broker;
- if brokerage company made some technical mistakes in clients account and as a result there was payment cancellation for PRO-rebate.

4. The Company is not responsible for ungotten or shortfall in profits of the Client.

5. The Company guarantees customer data safety, and undertakes not to transfer them to third parties.

6. The Company is not responsible for any violations committed by the Customer during trade on Forex market.

7. The Company is not responsible for the results of Client`s trading activity on trading accounts opened at Brokerage Company.

8. The Client agrees that the Company makes payments once in a month, not later than 10 days after the expiration of the period specified in the "calendar of charges" before the next month following the accounting month. The company is exempted from this obligation if Brokerage Company delaying payments.

9. The Company has the right to refuse funds withdrawal for the current month to Client (until company report) in order to avoid violation of the calculations and slowing down the process of payments other customers.

10. PRO-rebate is not responsible for companies reporting and does charging on the basis of statistics provided by the companies. If there are any matters, client decides them directly with the company where he has an account. However,  PRO-rebate  use best endeavours to assist the Client and provides any necessary information.

11. The Company has the right to block the Client's account on its website if the Client performs actions that prevent normal functioning of the site and the system itself. In particular, if the client open support tickets with incomprehensible text, spamming, adds account numbers, initially enters the wrong account numbers, duplicates accounts, roughly speaks to the help desk,  does not provide the correct contact information in his\her profile.

12. The Company has the right to block Client`s account if the latter uses SPAM directly or indirectly associated with the PRO-rebate.

13. The Company guarantees free provision of all services, except those which prices was stipulated in advance.

14. Withdrawals on the Webmoney are made manual and needs to be confirmed by the site Administrator. If the withdrawal is not made under the technical reasons, the Company guarantees balance restoration on the Customer's account on PRO-rebate.com within three working days.

15. Minimum withdrawal amount is 2 USD.

16. All information on the PRO-rebate website is the property of the Company and can’t be distributed or copied.

17. The Client has to read and agrees with trading on the currency and stock exchanges risks.

18. The Company reserves the right to change this agreement.

19. Client can have a help on his\her relations with the broker only if there is added and confirmed account on the Company website.

20. The Client undertakes to examine the following information and to follow it using as specification:

Before you add an account number in our system, check the following:

- If you already have an account with one of our brokers represented, first make sure that the broker allows the transfer of accounts under us. You can get this information in the section “Forex Brokers"

- Check, what is minimum lot to trade your company allows and also check the conditions of minimum deposit. You can get this information in the section “Forex Brokers”
When you open a new account through the PRO-rebate do not forget to add your account in the section "Accounts".

If you forget to do this, the partner company will not be able to track your account and charge you funds. Indicate account correct number when add it. Otherwise, there may be difficulties with your account approval by the system. Never tell anyone your account password on our site. If you forget the password, or it is disclosed to third parties, we recommend immediately contact the Company to solve the problem.

When registering your account in our system, be sure to specify your current e-mail address, contact telephone number and home address. Such data are collected, we work with great sum of money and the Company is entitled to request your identity proof.

Never violate trade rules in companies where your trading account registered, as this could seriously delay or even cancel the process of payments calculation.

We are not responsible for the violations committed by the Client on the Brokerage Company account. You must be familiar with the rules of the Brokerage Company and do not try to violate them. In case of such violations, Brokerage Company will contact us and we will be forced to make amendments in our database that can negatively display on your status as a Client and your current balance.